If you want to know whether I use cookies or not, I inform you that I use cookie, for more information about privacy and terms of my website, please visit follow links:

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I try my best to make my website secure, and in my philosophy in the world human can be absolutely without problems, so in my programming and my use of security technologies maybe exit problems, the only thing I can do try my best to decrease the problems to keep the data you enter to my website more secure. I use reCAPTCHA in my website, your use of reCAPTCHA is subject to Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Also my website use cookie.
In fact if I want to describe everything, for example:

What is cookie and how it work?
Problem of privacy is only cookies?
How I collect your IP address?
What is server logs?
How I use analytical tools and services to monitor and improve my website?
And etc.

In first I should teach you fundamental of web programming, after all you are in my website to learning about a matter you need, not fundamental of web programming. Today when I enter a website first I see the alert that say “this website use cookies ….” and anything like mentioned sentence, I also use it. I hope in one of my writing I discuss about this problem. If we want to read every privacy policy and term page of any website we use in our daily life, how many page of content of this type we will read? How much we will comprehend from those documents?

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Please waiting a little :)